The beginning

Our journey began on 23 March 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany - in a rather small music bar called "Pitcher". 

We had travelled from Cologne to Düsseldorf to see one of our favourite bands live - The New Roses. As support they had the Australian band Dellacoma with them, who we had never heard of before.

I can still remember the exact moment we walked into the Pitcher. It was planned that we would accompany the guys from The New Roses for a few concerts for our website and after we entered the Lochten and greeted the musicians, Del met us with such a friendly grin and open manner - we immediately realised that something special emanated from him, something fascinating and charismatic. 

After both bands had finished their sound check and the doors had been opened for the guests, it unfortunately started after a short time with a breakdown at Dellacoma - the speakers no longer wanted to work. It took a while for the band mates from The New Roses to fix the problem, but then the sounds and vocals came through - we loved it from the very first minute.

As Dellacoma were to support The New Roses for the entire tour, we were able to see the guys a few times and get to know them better.

The tour covered the following cities:

- 23.03.2017: Pitcher, Düsseldorf

- 24.03.2017: EXIL Live Music Club, Göttingen

- 25/03/2017: Gibson Club, Frankfurt am Main

- 30.03.2017: Jan Herzog, Belgium (without Dellacoma) : VIDEO

- 31.03.2017: Viersen, Rockschicht : VIDEO

After that, unfortunately, this tour was over and it would be five months before we would see Dellacoma again - but then with their own tour!!!!

You can't imagine what a pleasure it was to see the boys again. We made videos at some of these events, which you can watch here on this page. 

But now there have been a few personnel changes within the band. Art Struck (guitar), Rick Reynolds (bass) and Matt Cook (drums) had left the band and were replaced on this tour by Jasin Todt, Tommy Sunset and Jarrod Medwin.

The first concert in Belgium was in a bar, the stage hardly bigger than a large carpet but the audience and the atmosphere - it was just right and we had a great time
(Soundcheck: VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3). 

Unfortunately we had to cancel the concert on 11 August but on 13 August Dellacoma played again as support for The New Roses and this time at a vineyard... my goodness, how delicious wine can be (VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3).

The next day we went to Geleen and this bar, everything was just right. I'll never forget how Jasin had his hair combed by some female fans... simply brilliant. After the concert we sat together for a while

This was followed by a spontaneous trip to Antwerp. Due to the distance, this hadn't been planned but we had nothing better to do. Unfortunately, we arrived far too late, so I think we were still able to enjoy two songs.

The tour ended for us on 15 August. We played in an extension, it felt like we were standing in a garage. Unfortunately, there was already a live event in another bar on the same evening and so this concert went a little under the radar - but we all still had fun (VIDEO).

Now we hope that we will finally see Dellacoma again in Europe in 2025/2026 after 8/9 years. We know that there's still a lot planned before then - new music, a new album... 

We can't wait and are just looking forward to the moment when we will face each other live and in colour. 

How did you come to Dellacoma? What is your story with the band - if you like, write it to us and send it to us via e-mail. We are curious.

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