EST 2017



Hi there and welcome!

We are Kathy and Thorsten from Germany and fans of the band Dellacoma since March 2017 when we saw them for the first time as the opening act of the german band The New Roses and we were immediately impressed by them. 

Here I have written a summary of how we came to Dellacoma.

We just wanted to support the band and in Sept. 2017, we created the Fan Group on Facebook where fans from all over the world can exchange words.

Facebook is a good thing, but sometimes a lot is lost – here pictures and videos can be kept forever and that’s what it’s all about.

We would be glad, if you send your pictures and videos to us so that we can present them. We want to show how Dellacoma is on and off the stage to make the band slightly better known to get the attention the band deserves.

Everything started at The Pitcher, 03/23/17


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