Dellacoma is a completely independent rock n roll band with a desire to passionately create music that comes honestly from their hearts, souls and experiences.

Former Band Members


  • Dean Williams
  • Art Struck
  • Chris Green (Tyketto)
  • Jasin Todd (Shinedown, Fuel)
  • Rob Moody
  • Voya (Bad Moon Born)
  • Jarrod Marsh (Native Tongue)


  • Tommy Sunset (Atomic Riot, Cicadastone)
  • Rick Reynolds
  • Jaron Gulino (Tantric, Mach 22, Heavens Edge)


  • Alejandro Adams (Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene)
  • Nick Caligula (Atomic Riot, White Widdow, Catalano)
  • Matt Cook
  • Troy Patrick Farrell (White Lion, the Raskins, Tantric, Gilby Clarke)
  • Jarrod Medwin (Massive, Cicadastone, Echo Del Tusker)
  • Noel Tenney (White Widdow)

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