Lyrics South Of Everything

South Of Everything

(p) & (c) 2015 DELLACOMA

My Kinda Woman (Rio/Boreing)

Wake up, make love but she ain’t seeing stars yet
Don’t wanna talk, this girl ain’t tryin’ beat you down
She got those hips that make me put the work in
She’s got a touch that makes it worth twice the cost

My kinda woman. My kinda queen. My kinda woman

Friends say she’s teasin’ I know she means it
Life her off the ground. This girl can make you feel her love
Too wild to stay and say she had a good time
But she comes back again and again for my love
Stocked with a mouth this girl’ll rip your head off
Soft like a hammer. I know she’s tough
Built for decisions and late night conversations

Bloodsucker (Cook/Reynolds/Rio/Struck)

You say you have a new direction
One that brings protection
Roll up your sleeves, elbow grease
All we gotta do is just learn to fly
All sight is fleeting, my eyes decieve me,
One foot in front of the other

Takin’ my time just makin’ my way
All the bloodsuckers wanna have their say

They say you got another addiction
One that breeds perfection
Sacrifice, no compromise
All we wanna do ist just touch the sky

Under My Skin (Rio/Williams)

Time bleeds as you fall to your knees
Takin’ everyone around you to hell
Circumstance like a pretty little dress makes you feel incincible
You thing you got it, ooh you think you got it
Baby you’re on your own
Tellin’ lies, fakin butterflies, it all comes crashing down

Yeah, you get under my skin

Time to deal with your anger and your sin,
Leavin’ everything around you to chance
Break a back take a backseat baby
To the soap opera that’s in your head

Movin’ On To Something New (Cook/Reynolds/Rio/Struck)

Seasons come and they go just like waves to land
Feelin’ like I’m all washed up
Walk amoung the settling dust and shifting sand I know
Never will I be here, never will I stay here again

All these cages that I’ve trapped inside my head
I been moving, movin’ on to something new

Take a breath, all we’ve gotta do can wait awhile
Lies dressed up like harlequins
Burn it down, all the houses filled with paper cups
Never will I be here, never I will stay here again


Walk The Plank (Cook/Reynolds/Rio/Struck)

She’s got a classy little sassy kind of smile
Wrapped up inside those lips
I got a well worn soul defibrilator strapped on to my chest
Gimme just a little; just a little more
I can see right thru your tease
Dashing pirate captains with a fleet of Spartan champions
Couldn’t steal you from my breeze

Walk the plank, last man standing

Feel another rhythm inside a little rhyme
Trapped inside Dr Seuss’ mind
Close your eyes and stay awhile I have much more inside
Gotcha thinking flirty, gotcha feelin’ chirpy
Gotcha swayin’ side to side

Lesson Learned (Cook/Reynolds/Rio/Struck)

What you got I think you’re in denial
Broken heart, you put me up on trail

All these reasons in your head
Fake a smile and walk away now
Learnin’, learnin’
Another lesson learned

Brokeness I think that you’re to blame
Everyday I feel the human stain

Time Falls Away (Cook/Reynolds/Rio/Struck)

And when you leave, can I come too
Rhythms and seasons swim on past you

Oh, saving grace, cover me
Time falls away

Stand your ground, don’t let me go
I’ve been searching for the touch that heals those bones


Change (Rio/Williams)

Wound up so tight, gotta get a go right
Follow down the rabbit hole I see it now
Circumstantial parasite, gotta burn out so bright
Faith is suddenly in high demand

And it’s time, to take a chance
We, gotta change

Sergeant Major sing to me, gotta do it my way
Sell another lie and single me
Paranoid freak out, take another hit now

FJH (Get Me Out) (Cook/Reynolds/Rio/Struck)

Like the spread of cancer, like the fall of night
Razor blades flee the tongue like bullets in a fight
Do we wanna be here baby, do we wanna believe?
Believe it’s gonna get better baby, close your eyes to see
Take my hand

Yesterday repeating, history is bleeding
Find another reason now, get me out

Stand against the coming tide, stand alone for truth
Walk into the waves of life fighting hard with nail and tooth
Can you see the rising sun now, can you feel the wind?
Break the stance of one and done, God knows we’ve all sinned

Fame/Slaves/Gold (Cook/Reynolds/Rio/Struck)

Turn your head a little, just to see me walk away
You know I never say you happy, never thought you’d stay
Forgive me for ever thinking, our love meant as much to you
Forgive me for ever waiting, I think I paid my dues
Bothing left but screaming, we all bleed blue

Fame, slaves and gold
You’re free to fit the mold

Bring me your excuses, I like my chili hot
Have you ever listened to way that you talk
Got me a single serving of red hot wait and see
Not gonna stick around, just to watch who turns the key