Wow! That’s really great!
1,000 people were interested in the music of Dellacoma and that is only the beginning!

When we decided to go online in February, we knew there would be new music, but we also knew there would be no concerts in the US and Europe in 2019, and there was only one in Australia planned. Therefore, we did not expect that we would have many visitors on our website, next to our group on Facebook. No one had thought of 1,000 in three months!

We are happy that this website has found its way to the fans.
Facebook is clearly the number 1 but a central place on the Internet is – in our opinion – still very important because not everyone wants to sign up on Facebook just to get information.

We say just thank you and we look forward to what is coming and we also look forward to the next 1,000 visitors.

Kathy and Thorsten