Picture (c) Nikki Rowe

45 minutes Dellacoma – Thanks to Nikki we were also able to follow three songs live. I uploaded the videos on our website, just have a look at “Videos“.

Del was on stage with Noel Tenney and Rob Moody (who play with Del in the INXS and Bon Jovi bands) on drums and guitar, Blake Cateris on bass (he has played with Del before for Australian shows) and Jarrod Marsh on second guitar (he has also played with Del quite a few times before).

– My kinda woman
– Fame/slaves/gold
– Rain (sunset riot)
– What if (creed)
– Moving on
– Time falls away
– Vampires

I have dearly missed playing these songs!!
??was so good to get back up.
Can not wait to get back out on a proper tour again

Asked how he perceived the performance, Del replied: