Dellacoma brought a little “Down Under” to Salt Lake City as they rocked Liquid Joe’s on July 12, 2018.  If you don’t know who Dellacoma is, you’re in for a treat.  The best way to describe them is to put it this way; take Steven Tyler and add some Robert Plant, and when you’re done throw in a dash of Chris Cornell.  Mix that all up and add some Vegemite.  Presto you got Dellacoma.  This particular show was Dellacoma’s first time to play in Salt Lake City. I talked with Dell the brainchild behind Dellacoma before the show and asked him about the tour and how it was going.  He said, “We’ve done the south, now and we’ve also done the mountains. “We were just in Wyoming a few days ago.” I had to interject and ask how playing the Cowboy State was for them.  Dell’s response was pretty amusing,  “Actually there was a fight I didn’t notice while I was on stage. I didn’t see it but heard about it afterward.”  Fortunately, the Salt Lake City crowd was more into the music and not into fighting.

Turning influence into originality

As the light began to dim, the band arrived on stage.  The guys broke right into “My Kind of Woman.”  This song has an opening guitar riff that is screams Led Zeppelin influence.  Dell himself has the swagger of a Tyler/Plant like front man.  From his scarf hanging from his mic stand to his loose fitting shirt, and Dell commands the stage.  The rest of the band holds their own alongside their buoyant singer.  Guitarist Jasin Todd (formerly of Shinedown) reins the riffs and solos that drive the songs. Tommy Sunset (bass) and Jarrod Medwin (Drums) ensure the rhythm remains in check.  I mentioned earlier that Dellacoma has Chris Cornell influences sprinkled in its music and it becomes evident when the band plays “Time Falls Away.”  Dell’s voice screams Chris Cornell.  As the set continues Dellacoma breaks into an amazing rendition of Aerosmith’s “Toys in the Attic.”  The audience was also lucky to hear a few new songs, which included one of my favorite songs of the night.  “Vampires” has a slow melodic, almost bluesy sound to it and combines a blistering guitar solo by Jasin.

The set came to an end with another cover, but this one was courtesy of Creedence Clearwater Revival.  Dellacoma ripped through “Travelin’ Band” with passion and intensity.  So much that as they departed from the stage, the crowd began shouting, “Just one more.”  Sadly, it would not happen, but it was clear that Dellacoma had left a little “down under” in Salt Lake City until they come back through next time.