Dellacoma Rio (vocals) – Art Struck (guitar) – Matt Cook (drums) – Rick Reynolds (bass)

It’s been a little over a year since Dellacoma came riproaring across the U.S. on their debut tour in 2014, and now they are back to bring it only as they can. Last year they hit up Rocklahoma and Rock USA festival, a pre-party for the KISS Kruise…and we at RockRevolt even had the honor to share a drink or two with them backstage at the first ever Louder Than Life. Now in 2015 they are debuting their album South of Everything (produced by Austin Texas’ very own Chris ‘Frenchie’ Smith through Shock Records), and gearing up to take the world on which is why we are more than ecstatic to bring them to our readers as this week’s RockRevolt Indie Band of the Week!

Hey guys, how does it feel to be back with your debut album South Of Everything under your belt?

Its incredible to actually have this album available now, we recorded it back in August and have been trying to get it out to the public since then so it’s equal parts excitement and relief I’d say.

Your debut single ‘My Kind Of Woman’ is a hard rock stomper, who would you say is your biggest influence musically?

We have a very different set of musical influences, but I would say that we all four meet in the middle on bands like Aerosmith, early Van Halen, Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden.

There seems to be a huge breakthrough of hard rock bands from Australia in the past few years such as Parkway Drive and Thy Art Is Murder, what do you think is the reason for this revolution?

Definitely, and there’s plenty more getting some serious kudos abroad, TONK, Dead City Ruins, Ragdoll, Airbourne and the Lazy’s just to name a few. I think rock n roll is deeply ingrained in the average Australian, however it isn’t currently in vogue, so bands and artists that want to play rock and metal often find they have to go abroad to fuel this passion.

Last year saw you conquer a huge 80 date tour across the states (including a slot at Rocklahoma) but what are you hoping to bring this time round?

We want to keep taking steps forward so this year we’ll play more festivals, less tour dates but hopefully be able to condense our shows and also focus on writing and recording our second album. We want to be making as much music as possible especially early in our career.

This will be your first appearance at SXSW Festival, how would you describe your live show for those who haven’t seen you before?

Our live show is explosive and has been described as relentless and breathtaking as well. We like to think of it as a full body experience from the audience as well as ourselves.

2014 was massive for you, what other plans do you have this year to ensure you top it?

Playing more festivals and recording another album, no one is doing that these days two albums in two years. We want to have a reputation for bringing quality music to the audience as quickly as we can.

You seem to emanate a big party energy live, would you say that party atmosphere carries on backstage?

(laughs) I guess you’ll have to show up to find out!

I get a real vibe of 80’s style rock n’ roll with your music on South Of Everything, who was your favourite band from that era?

Early Van Halen and Aerosmith are big influences but they are both more 70’s in our eyes, I guess from that era Guns N Roses would be the big one.

Do you have any guilty pleasures music-wise or is it all about the rock?

Spending this much time in a van together we get to find out all of each others guilty pleasures, we definitely mix it up a bit…everything from Savage Garden to Sheryl Crow to Elton John to Tribe Called Quest has been known to play through the van speakers.

Finally why should people check you out and buy the new album?!

If you like rock n roll then I think this record will speak to you. It’s 10 songs that have been written and refined on the road and played in front of many audiences before being recorded. We dig rock n roll and made sure that this album is pretty much exactly what you’ll get when you come to a show (minus the sweat and jumping around of course).