Born in Seattle but raised in the Australian island state of Tasmania, Dellacoma Rio has been perfecting the craft of stage performance for more than a decade.

After spending 6 years acting in the USA on stage and TV (credits include stage productions “Elephantman” “City of Angels” “Much Ado About Nothing” and TV shows “the OC” “Criminal Minds” and “Cold Case” as well as 2 MTV reality shows).

Following his return to Australia in 2007 Rio recorded and toured with 2 Sydney based bands; pop rockers Innertone (2008-2009, self titled EP) as well as hard rockers Sunset Riot (2009-2013, self titled EP+’Uprising’ EP) before launching his solo rock band career in 2014 with “Dead Will Rise” EP followed by a debut full length album “South of Everything” (2015).

2018 saw Rio join internationally touring INXS tribute band “The Australian INXS Show” as well as the very first motion picture feature “The Dealer” (currently still in post production).

2019 saw the release of a new “Dellacoma” single “Vampires” as well as the release of Rio’s first book; a collection of poetry entitled “Red Threads”. 2020 has dawned with the release a new single “Till We All Belong” with the second “Dellacoma” album slated for release later in the year.


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